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December 21, 2006: On CNBC TV's Closing Bell, Louise was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo concerning price projections for gold. Louise noted that gold futures for 2006 had achieved a new high but that the price could continue to consolidate into mid-2007. The longer the period of consolidation the higher the eventual rise. Louise also noted that inflation is less of a factor in the price of gold than the weakness of the dollar.

December 12, 2006: Louise appeared on Bloomberg TV Latin America discussing prospects for gold.

December 11, 2006: A Bloomberg News article by Pham-Duy Nguyen surveys current views on prospects for gold and features Louise's bullish stance, particularly in relation to the dollar. The full text of the article is available at Bloomberg.com

December 6, 2006: Interviewed by Bill Griffeth on CNBC's Power Lunch concerning the recent rally in the market averages, Louise noted that the technical indicators have been confirming the new highs in the indices over the past several months, suggesting that--notwithstanding an interim pause--the markets should be able to continue higher. One of the strong sectors has been the utilities, both electric and gas. Louise has been contending that the utilities may be the basic materials of the new high tech economy and global buildout. As such, utilities may be delinking from their interest rate relationship. As to Dow Theory, there is no rule as to which average has to be first to achieve a new high. Transports reached a new high earlier in 2006. Thus the recent new high in the DJIA may well have completed a Dow Theory confirmation.

December 4, 2006: In an Investment Dealer's Digest article, IDD Editor George B. Moriarty reviewed the history of technical analysis, discussed the recent increase in demand for technical research--particularly from non-sell-side providers--and described Louise's continuing role as a leader in the technical research field.

November 13, 2006: Interviewed by Brian Sullivan on Bloomberg TV's Morning Call, Louise discussed the continued rise of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the structural bull market in gold, and the upside potential of the utilities stocks. For a video replay of the interview, go to Louise Yamada Analyzes Dow Average, Sees Bull Market for Gold and click on the camera icon under Related Media on Demand.

October 28, 2006: Conrad De Aenlle's Market Week column in The New York Times discussed Louise's views on the recent Dow Jones Industrial Average record high, with Louise noting that "it's the Dow confirming the other indexes' behavior of the past year-plus." The article also appeared in the October 27 International Herald Tribune.

October 19, 2006: On the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 12,000 for the first time ever, Louise was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo about the record closing price. Louise also noted that improvement in the technical indicators would support the continued rise of the DJIA.

October 18, 2006: On the PBS program Nightly Business Report, Louise was interviewd by Susie Gharib about market conditions on the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved above 12,000 for the first time ever. The interview included Louise's view of the upmove continuing toward 12,399 dependent upon improvement in the technical indicators, especially regarding demand. A transcript of the interview is available from PBS: One on One With Louise Yamada of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors

October 8, 2006: In the Market Week column of The New York Times, Louise was interviewed by Conrad de Aenlle about the recent record high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. See: How Long Will the Dow's Party Last?

September 22, 2006: On WealthTrack, Louise was interviewed by Consuelo Mack. For a video replay of the program go to WealthTrack.com/previous.php and click on the button for "WealthTrack Video on Demand". Then select the previous show for September 22nd.

September 15, 2006: Louise appeared on the Bloomberg TV show Market Movers where she was interviewed by June Grasso.

August 17, 2006: Interviewed as a featured guest on Bloomberg TV's Open Exchange by Suzy Assaad, Louise discussed oil prices noting that a pullback to $68 a barrel would still be within support levels, and that a consolidation in oil prices would still leave the long-term uptrend intact. Her current target for oil remains $80 to $84 a barrel notwithstanding an extended period of consolidation.

August 14, 2006: On CNBC TV's Street Signs, host Erin Burnett interviewed Louise on current trends for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Dow Jones Transportation Average.

July 27, 2006: Interviewed on Bloomberg TV concerning the integrated oil and gas sector, Louise pointed out that the pattern of higher lows in the Exxon and Chevron stocks indicated that these stocks should continue to be held pending confirmation on follow through. Louise also noted that the complex of oil stocks has not been moving upward together, contrary to past patterns, and that this is a cautionary sign for the sector.

July 17, 2006: On Bloomberg TV's Morning Call, Louise was interviewed by Brian Sullivan about near-term targets for the price of oil (between $80 and $85); the need for the price of gold to pull back and consolidate further in its ongoing bull market; and her expectation that in the longer term both oil and gold will exceed their 1980 peaks.

June 16, 2006: Interviewed by Consuelo Mack on public TV's Wealth Track, Louise placed the recent stock market sell-off in the context of a pattern of 4-year market cycles, and discussed prospects for oil prices and bond prices.

June 13, 2006: Louise was a guest speaker at the 2006 Reuters Investment Outlook Summit, discussing market trends of the major stock market indexes. See Reuters Investment Summit Outlook. Also, Louise's view on Microsoft and Intel was cited in USA Today by Matt Krantz.

June 12, 2006: On CNBC's Closing Bell, Maria Bartiromo interviewed Louise on the current market correction, with Louise noting that technical conditions approaching this decline were worse than any that have accompanied the market over the past three years; that investment bank and asset manager stocks have been underperforming; and that stocks like Microsoft and Intel may be in the process of a final bear market capitulation.

June 6, 2006: On CNBC TV's Street Signs, Erin Burnett interviewed Louise about recent market volume, current support levels for the major indexes and defensive stock selection. Also, Louise was interviewed by Steve Geimann on Bloomberg Radio's The Final Word concerning market selling pressure represented by deep and sustained oversold readings, and the potential for further market risk.

June 2, 2006: Conrad de Aenlle's article in the International Herald Tribune presented Ron's viewpoint of a short-term rally in bonds that could carry yields to 4.9 percent and possibly as low as 4.7 percent.

May 29, 2006: Business Week's Personal Finance/Stocks article included Louise's views on the market.

May 22, 2006: In Barron's, The Trader by Jacqueline Doherty covered Louise's views regarding support levels for the major indexes.

May 18, 2006: At the Market Technicians Association Forecast Panel held at Bloomberg, Louise discussed market trends.

May 12, 2006: LYA's special report "Long Shadows on the U.S. Dollar" was featured in welling@weeden. The full text of the report is available on the Sample Reports page.

May 11, 2006: On CNBC's Closing Bell, Louise was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on current uptrends in gold, oil and other commodities.

April 28, 2006: In an International Herald Tribune article on technical analysis, Louise noted that growing stock selectivity was narrowing the DJIA advance, possibly presaging a correction.

April 19, 2006: Louise was interviewed by Joe Kernen on CNBC's TV show Squawk Box concerning structural market conditions.

April 17, 2006: In the Abreast of the Market article in the Wall Street Journal, Louise was interviewed by E.S. Browning on the technical conditions of the market. The article, Do stocks have any zip left?, was re-published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It is also available from the Journal at wsj.com.

April 17, 2006: Louise was interviewed in Barron's concerning energy and the price of oil by Jacqueline Doherty in The Trader article.

April 1, 2006: In a New York Times article "Market Values", Conrad de Aenlle outlined the importance of technical analysis, particularly in today's market, and summarized Louise's current market views.

April 2006: The April issue of "Bottom Line/Retirement" included a discussion by Louise of prospects for the price of gold.

March 20, 2006: A Dow Jones Newswires article by Karen Talley discussed changes in the technical analysis field, including the startup of LYA.

March 19, 2006: The New York Times article "Market Week" by Conrad de Aenlle discussed Louise's views on the effect of market letter-writers on popular market sentiment.

March 16, 2006: Louise was interviewed on CNBC TV by Erin Burnett on crosscurrents in the markets.

March 14, 2006: Louise appeared on Bloomberg TV in an interview by Brian Sullivan on recent rallies in consumer staples.

March 2, 2006: Appearing on the Bloomberg TV show "In Focus", Louise discussed Internet stocks Google, Yahoo and VeriSign, as well as the relative strength of the Internet and Internet Services sectors vs. the S&P 500.

February 17, 2006: In the Your Money section of the International Herald Tribune, finance writer Conrad de Aenlle discussed technical analysis as an effective complement to fundamental analysis and presented Louise's views on the efficient use of indicators.

February 2006: The February issue of Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street featured Louise in an extended interview by Executive Editor Nikolas Lanyi on the current market environment. The introduction to the interview described LYA as "a veritable Who's Who of technical researchers, including not only Louise and esteemed colleague Ron Daino but also consultant emeritus Alan Shaw, a pioneer in the field who worked at Citigroup and its predecessor companies for 45 years".

January 6, 2006:  The first issue of a new LYA product - "Technical Perspectives Global" - is published. This weekly publication covers rating changes in local indices on an absolute basis, and will rate MSCI indices, regions, sectors and industry groups on a relative basis. Each issue will feature a local index, an MSCI index, an MSCI region, and an industry and sector group. The theme of this first issue is "A Global Bull Market Appears in Place", and the issue also includes a special feature: "A New Structural Bull Market in Japan".

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