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  December 29, 2005: Louise appeared on the CNBC TV program "Street Signs" discussing, among other things, her price targets for Gold and Oil.

  December 25, 2005: In the New York Times Sunday Business section "Market Week" column by Conrad de Aenlle, Louise was interviewed on the potential effect of January trading patterns on the equity markets during the rest of the year. See: All Eyes on January, and History (registration required)

  December 15, 2005: "Technical Perspectives Quarterly", a new, charts-based publication, is launched. Technical Perspectives Quarterly provides the portfolio manager with an opportunity to make end-of-quarter adjustments based on the cyclical and/or secular trends in the stock market indexes and their indicators, and based also on the implications of the intermediate- and longer-term Standard & Poor's Sectors and Sub-Industry prices and relative strength (to the S&P 500) profiles. Technical Perspectives Quarterly will be published at the beginning of the month ending each quarter.

  November 21, 2005: Louise appeared on CNBC's Kudlow & Company discussing the bull market in gold, the ongoing trend in interest rates, the shift of inflation from manufactured products to "consumer essentials" (food, energy, water) due to global forces, and rising commodity prices.

  November 20, 2005: The "Market Week" column by Conrad de Aenlle in the New York Times Sunday Business section discusses Louise's views on a rising 40-week market cycle within the context of longer-term cycles. See Shoppers in the Malls, if Not on Wall Street.

  November 15, 2005: The current resurgence of technical analysis on Wall Street, including the launch of LY Advisors, is discussed by Andrei Postelnicu in the Financial Times.

  November 4, 2005: In a wide-ranging interview, Kate Welling explored Louise's current thinking on small- and mid-cap outperformance, today's market cycles in historical perspective, sixty-year crude oil price patterns, inflation, global trends and more. The full interview is available in Adobe Acrobat format (375K).
Note: To download the report, right click on the link and opt to save the file on your computer ("Save File As" in Internet Explorer or "Save Link As" in Firefox). To view the report in your web browser, left click on the link.

  November 4, 2005: Louise was interviewed on the Ottawa, Canada radio program "Friday Market Monitor" concerning current market conditions.

  October 29, 2005: The Wall Street Journal's "Bid & Offers" article by Randall Smith notes the startup of LY Advisors for independent technical analysis research.

  October 19, 2005: In a Dow Jones Newswires article, Karen Talley discussed the formation and launch of LY Advisors as an independent research firm.

  October 5, 2005: Jaap van Duijn, Chief Strategist of the Robeco Group, invited Louise to be a featured speaker at his retirement seminar in the Netherlands. Louise spoke on The Evolution of New Structural Trends.

  September 30, 2005: Louise was interviewed by Bloomberg on gold and commodity prices. Excerpts: Gold "looks like it's going to $500". It's "very significant and very exciting" for a new high in the CRB because it means "momentum is so strong ... It could be a decade-plus move" for commodities. The September rally is "a good indication there's still demand out there".

  September 12, 2005: Louise was a featured panelist in the 2005 Women's Market Forecast Panel sponsored in New York City by the Charted Market Technicians Association (cmtassociation.org).

  September 8, 2005: Louise conducted a teaching seminar in technical analysis for Bloomberg, LLP in the Bloomberg Auditorium, New York City.

  August 22, 2005: Louise was interviewed in a Bloomberg article discussing her analysis of the pattern of trading ranges for the price of oil over the last sixty years, leading to her conclusion that current price levels are likely to extend.

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